Guard Prostate

Guard Prostate

This is a basic understanding of how to protect your prostate.

Common prostate disease

 Prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis are common diseases of the male prostate. Prostatic hyperplasia is one of the common diseases in elderly male patients. With the increase of age, men have more or less prostate hyperplasia. Studies have shown that benign prostatic hyperplasia begins after the age of 40, but older people over the age of 60 are more common. Prostatitis sometimes occurs at the same time as premature ejaculation. The main symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia are dysuria. The number of urinating in the light of getting up at night is increased. There is a small amount of urinary urination or a small amount of urinary discharge. In severe cases, the urine flow becomes fine, or even can not be discharged; at the same time often accompanied by back pain, limb weakness, nocturnal emission and other symptoms.

Protect the prostate

Health check

After the age of 40, do a health check. Pay attention to the changes in your own urine.

Taking medicine

Bee pollen is a nemesis of prostate disease, and has significant therapeutic effects on chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate dysfunction. At present, the use of bee pollen (bee pollen food) to develop and produce Qianliekang tablets, prostate Vita, Sirni tablets and other drugs are ideal drugs for the treatment of prostate diseases.

There are two methods of preventive treatment and remedial treatment:Preventive treatment is to take care before the appearance of prostate lesions. There is a beloved Guardian of Prostate which is a Pollen honey produced by Beellavita. It is worthy of attention. This product is based on that the honey has the function of smoothing the gastrointestinal tract, and brings the bee pollen into the gastrointestinal absorption, creating a sweet healing. This created a sweet treatment for prostate problems. As a primary preventive measure for prostate lesions, treatment continues during prostate lesion.

Remedial treatment is treatment after prostate disease. Regardless of the method used, you should have a medicine from your doctor that suits your symptoms. Chinese medicine is also very effective for some people.

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