Prevention of pollen allergy

Prevention of pollen allergy

This is a prevention against allergic symptoms represented by hay fever.

The basic method for treating allergic symptoms is to investigate the causes of allergic reactions and then try to avoid them.

People with allergies should consult a specialist to investigate the cause. In addition, if there are repeated urticaria-like symptoms, it is necessary to suspect that there is an allergic reaction.

Hay fever
Hay fever refers to allergic symptoms caused by pollen, once it occurs.

It is difficult to cure naturally, and the attack time will last for more than 10 years.
The general symptoms of hay fever are sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes.

In addition, many patients may have sore throat, cough, diarrhea, and facial skin.
Itching, headache and other symptoms. Hay fever only occurs during the season of pollen flying.

The peak of hay fever in Australian is from September to November.

Depending on the type of pollen, in other seasons such as autumn there will be hay fever.

Prevention of hay fever

  • Do not touch pollen
    Please use masks and glasses as much as possible to prevent pollen from entering the body. In addition, it is necessary to find ways to prevent pollen from entering the room, for example, using an air cleaner without using a window, using a clothes dryer, a quilt dryer, and the like.
  • Take medicine
    There are two methods of preventive treatment and remedial treatment:

Preventive treatment is treatment before the onset of pollen symptoms, known as immunotherapy. As the main preventive measure of hay fever, a Pollen honey against pollen allergy produced by Beellavita is worthy of attention. This product is used to lubricate the gastrointestinal tract. Based on honey, in order to achieve anti-pollen allergy, a small amount of bee pollen is brought into the gastrointestinal absorption, while the pollen season coming, the body is prepared for allergy resistance. The product has created a precedent for the immunotherapy of pollen honey.

Remedial treatment is after the onset of hay fever, at the same time of taking pollen honey (pay attention to the method of taking), it should be suitable to consult doctors for medicines. Chinese medicine is also very effective for some people.

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