About Us

About Us

During clinical practice, in order to restore customers’ unbalanced body and enjoy the treatment, we has created pollen honey therapy, personal wear physiotherapy and so on.

Mellavita was founded in 2008. At the beginning of the company, we are committed to “never produce our products that we are not 100% confirmed”, determined to be a professional pollen honey research expert, and wear physiotherapy experts. We started from the source and combine the integration of nature and science.

We believe that the needs of our customers are the foundation of our purpose. Providing excellent service to customers is our only job.

Because we recognize the uniqueness of each individual, we respect and value the employees we hire and all those who are connected with us. The environment we create in the company will enable enterprising people to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to achieve greater self-fulfillment.


I dream of more people to maintain or restore their health and vitality!


Using medical experience to implant in food and wear, people who have lost their balance can enjoy treatment, recover health, and prevent disease.


Today despite the dramatic changes in lifestyle, many botanical medicine are still used today. For health programme people around the world are returning to nature. Natural and holistic health care drugs are again being valued. Now with the advent of the Internet age, the secrets of nature are being widely shared around the world at a faster rate. Mellavita will be passionately accompanying people to approach natural remedies.


“Health and vitality” is at the heart of Mellavita’s business.

What makes us even happier is the story that customers tell us: the market needs products that solve problems more.

Mellavita is a different place – selling products and delivering services. Mellavita is a health consultant for his customers.


After more than ten years, our understanding of the bee world is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a surprise to the magical species of bees. The beekeepers feed on honey and use honey as a medicine. The healthy life proves the health care ability of honey and unique natural resources. For thousands of years, beekeepers have witnessed honey with their own health. The founders have seen the good witnesses of the beekeepers, and they have made up their wish to introduce this magic to people and serve people’ health.

In addition to sharing the values and enthusiasm of beekeepers for healthy living standards, Mellavita’s team is committed to maintain original concepts of product quality and purity.


As more and more people are willing to stay far away from foods and chemicals with chemical additives, Mellavita will enthusiastically accompany these people to approach natural remedies.

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