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Warm-up Herb Packs
Warm-up Herb Packs
Warm-up Herb Packs
Warm-up Herb Packs

Warm-up Herb Packs

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Warm-up herb packs Ingrdients: longan, moxa, piperis Functions: warming internal organs for dispelling cold, warming stomach and uterus 【For people】 People with cold hands and feet, and the body is...
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Warm-up herb packs

Ingrdients: longan, moxa, piperis

Functions: warming internal organs for dispelling cold, warming stomach and uterus

【For people】

People with cold hands and feet, and the body is afraid of cold.


*Stomach ‘cold’, indigestion, *constipation without pain, abdominal flatulence, not thirsty, dry mouth, bitter taste in mouth, acid reflux


Fatigue caused by heavy moisture, cold and dampness, sweating, edema, sputum, facial oily, abnormally large lower belly, moisture inside the ears, acne, puffiness cold type.


Common phenomenon among women, such as dysmenorrhea, less menstrual flow, clots, uterine deficiency cold pattern, cold hand and feet, cold body, puerperal fever.

Dosage: 50g/1 pack for 15 days.

Containers: cotton bags

Contraindications: This product is heat type, contraindicated for heat disorders; such as hard stool, thirst, irritability, yellow coating on the tongue; or upset/ mood swings, dry mouth, night sweats, restless sleep, etc.; or oral ulcers, yellow urine, etc.; or bitter taste in mouth, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, unstable sleep, body sultry, thickening of the tongue coating..(etc.

Warning: Should you have any queries, please consult your local Chinese medicine practitioner.

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Warm-up Herb Packs

Warm-up Herb Packs
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