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Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival
Power bank - Naturevival

Power bank - Naturevival

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Interface Description Press the button to turn on the power bank, the blue LED lights up, and check the battery usage by the number of LED lights. Instructions: 1. The...
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Interface Description

Press the button to turn on the power bank, the blue LED lights up, and check the battery usage by the number of LED lights.


1. The power input interface charges the device through the Micro USB interface.

2. The power output interface can be connected to other devices through the Type-A USB interface.

3. Press and hold the power button for two seconds to light up, and press the button twice to turn off.

Fast charging for the D6000

1. The device can be charged by Micro USB interface. When charging, the blue LED light shows the percentage of power. The indicator light (from left to right) has a total of 4 blue LED lights. 4 lights are all bright means 75%~ 100% of the power, 3 lights are all bright means 50%~75% of the power, 2 lights are all bright means 25%~50% of the power, 1 light is bright means 0%~25% of the power, The LED light flashes to indicate that charging is in progress. As the charging progresses, the percentage of the battery continues to increase. When all four lights are on, the battery reaches 100, indicating that the charging is full, and the charging cable can be unplugged. 

2. The 3C standard 5V/2A charger can be used to charge the device.

3. Please fully charge the portable power bank for the first time. The portable power bank has an auto-end function, and the charging automatically ends when the built-in battery of the main unit is fully charged.

Charge other devices

1. Charge digital products with DC-5V input via USB-A interface.

2. This unit is equipped with one charging cable, which is compatible with most mobile phones and digital devices.


1. This product is charged with a 5V/2A charger for approximately 3 hours, whichever is the actual.

2. If you use this unit to charge the device and find that it cannot be charged, please check if the wiring is normal and secure. Is the charging interface accessory suitable? It is recommended to use a regular brand of adapter to charge the unit.

3. The portable power bank has a conversion rate, so the portable power bank capacity is not equivalent to the chargeable amount.

4. This product is suitable for most digital products, but does not rule out individual incompatibilities. This situation is not covered by the replacement and warranty.

Security Information

Please pay attention to the following precautions before using this product, otherwise it may cause damage to the product or other damages. Do not throw, bump, do not disassemble and do any modification by yourself;

Never place the portable power bank in a fire or in water;

If you find that the portable power bank has an inflation phenomenon, please stop using it immediately and contact us.

Important hint:

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

1. Artificially induced damage.

2. Damage caused by failure to follow the instructions for use or installation errors.

3. Damage caused by floods, fires and other natural disasters and force majeure factors.

4. Failure and damage caused by repair, modification, or disassembly of the unauthorized service by the company.

5. The case is seriously damaged, scratched, and the board is burnt.

6. Has exceeded the time specified in the warranty period.

7. All accessories of the product are not covered by the warranty.

8. Repair service and replacement during the warranty period, the warranty period will not be extended or restarted.


Technical Parameters

Built-in battery

Boston Power Cell



Operating temperature

-10to 50


Charging 500times cycles






Micro USB port

DC 5V/2A


USB-A port


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Power bank - Naturevival

Power bank - Naturevival
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