Pollen Honey Series Introduction

Pollen Honey Series Introduction

Beellavita is the brand of Mellavita Pty Ltd, which is specially formulated based on bee products.

Beellavita products are functional foods. It is formulated according to the properties of the material. The seven products are represented with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. The seven products are for different groups of people.

The red label represents pollen honey, which is “all-round nutritious food”. Regular consumption can enhance natural immunity. Therefore, give this product a title: natural nutrition collection pollen honey, or the world’s first drink.

The orange label represents pine pollen honey. Pine pollen is rich in amino acids and all natural vitamins and various enzymes, which can enhance skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging. Its diverse active nutrients interact to adjust the body function, maintain the youthful vitality of the body tissues, and make the intelligence intelligent, thus delaying aging and increasing life expectancy. Therefore, send a beautiful title to it called “natural nutrition library pine flower powder honey.”

The yellow label represents pollen honey for liver preparation, liver protection, and it is named as natural liver protection pollen honey.

The green label product represents pollen honey consumed before hay fever season. The product is prepared with local pollen. It is recommended to eat before spring and autumn to resist hay fever caused by spring pollen.

The cyan label represents pollen honey, which is useful for the elderly, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, chronic constipation and neurasthenia, benefiting the brain, enhancing memory, fitness, increasing appetite and improving brain nerve fatigue. Therefore it is named as elderly’s pollen honey.

The blue label of pollen honey is formulated for middle-aged men to prevent the trouble caused by the prostate. Therefore it’s named men’s pollen honey.

The purple label represents pollen honey, which can regulate blood circulation and promote blood circulation. It is a pollen honey specially prepared for women, which protects the skin and eliminates freckles. It is excellent for beauty and skin care. Therefore, it is named as women’s pollen honey.

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